October, 2014

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Election 2014 – Fix the System


Election 2014 is upon us and nothing has changed.  We have the same people running the country and the voters are still expecting different results.  Some politicians have been entrenched in Congress for decades.  Please don’t tell me the 2016 ticket will be the same candidates we’ve seen for the past few years…Bush…Clinton…really, America?

The waste associated with the political process is astronomical.  If a publicly traded company were run like our government the shareholders would elect a new board of directors.  The American taxpayer should do the same.

This is my annual “flush the toilet” post.  Honestly, I should post this message every month or so in the hopes it would take hold.  For years we have been conditioned to vote for the most popular, charismatic, experienced, smooth talker.  It’s time for this to stop.  In Election 2014 I’m voting for challengers no matter their party affiliation.  I’m flushing the toilet.

I’m sick and tired of the billions of dollars that are wasted by lobbyists and politicians.  TV ads, fancy dinners, and limo service doesn’t make this country better.  It’s time to tell the elites that we don’t need them telling us how to run our lives.  And oh by the way, it’s time for them to “earn” a living instead of relying on tax dollars.

Did you know Nancy Pelosi will be paid nearly $1 million per year (guaranteed for the rest of her life) for her service to our country?  Did reading that sentence make you throw up in your mouth a little?

This isn’t an attack on the left or the right.  That is just an excellent example of the waste that we the taxpayer have allowed.  Stop the madness, flush the toilet in Election 2014.  We can’t fix what has already occurred but we can sure keep it from getting worse.  Nip it in the bud, cut off the head, cut your losses, or however you want to say it.  The lesser of two evils in the next election isn’t going to cut it any more, flush the toilet.

And keep flushing the toilet until our elected leaders figure out that they are servants of the people.  Keep flushing the toilet until they establish term limits.  Keep flushing the toilet until they have the same health insurance that every other American is stuck with (thank you, ACA).  Keep flushing the toilet until the unlimited salary and retirement is eliminated for all politicians.  The founding fathers did not intend to create a job for those that cannot find gainful employment elsewhere.

Our political system is too big to succeed.  It’s time to reboot the system.  This great country wasn’t built on royal blood lines or elitist connections.  Yet the top 1% keeps getting richer while the middle class keeps shrinking.

I could go on for hours but I will close now with this thought: If we assemble a few hundred random people in the same room, could we make things any worse?  Flush the toilet in Election 2014 and keep flushing every year until elected officials finally start respecting those who elect them.